Friday, 24 February 2012

Unleash into a world of adventure

B E K  C O C H R A N E strives to provide those with iconoclastic edge a liberating way to dress. Youthful minded design caters for the ambitious and inquisitive individual. We are a generation that wants variety, choice and change, but we still all manage to look the same. 
B E K C O C H R A N E carries rebellion at its roots with a curiosity of the unfamiliar feeding the creation of  wearable obscurity. Love for crisp masculine style feeds the adoption of minimal androgyny. Let’s show what can be possible, push limitations to unleash the child within.  B E K  C O C H R A N E ‘s aim is the creation of exciting design, to feed the curious minds amongst us.

A/W 2012 

Youths pursuit of the unknown .The hopscotch as a symbolism of a path of discovery. Kaleidoscopes show this fascination of the new. Birds fleeing the nest unleashes the mind into a world of adventure.

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