Saturday, 19 November 2011

Netil and Backyard Market this week

Head over to Netil Market today and Backyard Market tomorrow for the BEK COCHRANE Fall 2011 collection. I have been receiving some fabulous feedback and many of you seem to love the collection. Thanks to all of you. This is an extremeny exciting and I have to be honest nerve racking time. Those of you who have not yet seen the collection please do take a peek, it can be found on my website:
All enquiries are welcome, and if you do happen to be in London, please do pop in and see the collection. It is currently moving around the different markets, and I post on here each week informing you all of where it can be found.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Sunday Up Market and Spitalfields here we come!

The Bek Cochrane Fall 2011 collection will be found selling in the Sunday Up Market and Spitalfields this weekend. Heres a look into the garments that can be found in the collection. Unisex shaping, crisp clean collared shirts, graphic print and empowering cocoon coats in smokey shade wools and silks.