Sunday, 18 September 2011


At B E K   C O C H R A N E it is proved that what shouldn’t be done can be, to show anything can be possible. We strive to shock, to provide those  with iconoclastic edge, a liberating way to dress. Youthful minded design caters for the ambitious and inquisitive individual. Simplicity is paramount, to give creatively inventive design a timeless quality.

We are a generation that wants variety, choice and change. But we still all manage to look the same. B E K C O C H R A N E carries rebellion at its roots with curiosity of the irregular and the obscure. Displacement, distortion, obscurity, abnormality, irregularity and the unfamiliar... wearable obscurity.  Let’s show what things can be possible, push limitations and open our minds to what we are missing out on. Focus is purely on creating exciting design, to feed the curious and intriguing minds amongst us.

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